Laptops project

Alexander with laptop - 1

We put out an appeal to every source we could think of, in January 2020 and got tremendous responses, collecting 100 old laptops, then checking functionality, wiping all private data, deleting viruses, often installing new solid state drives - delivering Windows or Chrome capable laptops to local Junior schools to allow disadvantaged pupils to get internet access and link to remote studies.

We are most grateful to donors, to Brandon Hall at Computer Kingdom

and particularly to generous Stephen Williams at Computer Solutions Wales, Brunel Quay, Neyland Marina, who did all the tech stuff. 

Also to Travelodge who delivered 50 - yes 50 !! -  obsolete laptops for us to process and issue, and to the Gelliswick Trust who gave us funds for 4 new Chromebooks.

A great project, delivering real help to loads of children locally.

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